Terry Memukau Publik di Belanda


Suasana meriah sudah terlihat di depan panggung Pesta Rakyat 2011 yang diselenggarakan pihak KBRI Den Haag dalam rangka merayakan Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia. Para penonton dengan semangat menanti kehadiran artis-artis Indonesia seperti Ello, Terry, dan Yopie Latul untuk mengalunkan lagu-lagu kesayangan mereka di atas panggung.

BelindoMag berhasil menyergap salah satu artis cantik, Terry Fatiah, yang telah tampil dengan memukau di hadapan ratusan penonton lokal dari penjuru Belanda. Meskipun terlihat kepanasan dan tersembur keringat, pelantun Janji Manismu dan Hatiku Beku ini dengan ramah dan semangat menyambut kami dengan senyuman manisnya. Semangat nasionalismenya terpancar dari kostum batiknya nan berwarna.

Berikut percakapan singkat kami.

• So, is this your first performance here in Holland?


• How did you like it?

You know I won’t lie to you. I was actually crying when I had to say goodbye to a friend of mine who also lives here in Holland. I was pretty nervous.

• And how long will you be staying here in Holland?

Only a week.

• Why such a short stay?

Because I already have some things to do in Indonesia. Two days after I come back, I am already scheduled to do a show. It is busy, but that’s okay. My fans in Indonesia will probably have missed me by then. (laughs)

• How did you like the performance here? How was the crowd?

It was fun! At first, I thought they probably didn’t know me very well, but actually they were very enthusiastic. And the weather was great.

• Besides performing, what else do you do in your free time?

When I’m not busy, I will just stay at home and hang out with my family. I don’t really like to go out much. In Indonesia, even though there are a lot of places and malls to go shopping to I would rather stay at home and design my own clothes.

• Who has been your biggest inspiration to your music?

There’s a lot of people I adore so much. But when I started doing music, I listened a lot to Stevie Wonder because he sings with all his heart and we [singers]tend to forget how important that is. And I try to accommodate that through my music by giving a certain message.

• What are your plans for the future?

Continue singing. I would also like to start my own business in agriculture. It may be very different to what I am doing now, but I have been very interested in agriculture for some time now and it has a lot of potential in Indonesia. My vision is to make a greener Indonesia and to stop building more malls. (laughs)

I guess we’ll drink to that, Terry! (HN)


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